There is this saying that one’s eyes are the windows to the soul. But we beg to differ. We say that eyebrows are. Brows have a tremendous effect on your look, and by adjusting just the shape or shade, you can totally transform. But which affordable brow products will actually give you your best arches? With the help of Browhaus, their new Browhaus Brow Powertool is here to answer just that.

Browhaus Powertool

It’s a  pencil…  It’s a powder…  It’s a brush… no,  it’s Browhaus’ new Brow Powertool!  A 3-in-1 brow tool, it is your must-have companion to keep your brows on fleek! It’s hard not to associate Browhaus with brows (insert obvious pun). Aside from this cult-favourite product, the brand has also carved out a niche for itself — a destination for gals to get their eyebrows and eyelashes groomed to perfection. The brand’s new brow product comes in three wearable shades — Taupe, Granite and Auburn.

Taupe is a yellow-based shade that is suitable for naturally lighter hair colour. It is also the most neutral of shades, so it works best for most hair colours.

Auburn is a red-based shade that’s ideal if you have copper or red undertones in your hair.

And finally, Granite is grey-based and is suitable for those with darker coloured hair or if you have a preference for darker brows.

It comprises of everything for every level of brow enthusiast — whether you’re a total newbie searching for an easy-to-use tool or an expert in need of an entire kit. With a pencil, powder and brush in one easy tool, it helps you sculpt, shape and define your brows with ease. This means it takes up less space in your makeup bag, so you can even tote it around for midday touch-ups. Not that you’ll need it, as its long-lasting formula ensures that it’s sweat-proof and smudge-resistant, so your perfectly defined brows won’t budge even in Singapore’s heat and humidity.

Browhaus game has become pretty darn strong. They’re seriously stellar — and a powerhouse brow tool — so snag them sooner rather than later. We see some killer brows in your future, and it’s all thanks to Browhaus Brow Powertool.

Word of advice though, this product should not be used if you…

  •     Are using eye medication or have had eye surgery in the past six months
  •     Have an eye infection
  •     Have undergone any semi-permanent brow treatments in the past month

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