Balanced like a fine cocktail, intoxicating in every way, Spa Esprit launched their latest Plantation shower gel blend, Gin & Detox, at one of Spa Esprit Group’s F&B establishments, Ding Dong restaurant last Thursday.

Spa Esprit's Gin & Detox Shower Gel launch at Ding Dong Singapore

Gin & Detox was created in collaboration with Compendium, a local distillery that aims to encapsulate Singapore’s myriad flavours in every bottle they produce. Founded in 2019, each of Compendium’s products are made from scratch, with the base spirits being fermented in-house, then distilled and infused with raw ingredients native to the local community. Their flagship product, the Rojak Gin, was the main inspiration behind the new Gin & Detox shower gel.

A key ingredient in the Rojak Gin, and also what makes the Gin & Detox blend truly unique is the use of the Torch Ginger essential oil. Also known as “rojak flower”, the essential oil is warm, stimulating and revitalising, and also well-known for treating digestive problems and boosting circulation.


Spa Esprit's Gin & Detox Shower Gel launch at Ding Dong Singapore

To mimic the scent of the delicious gin, Juniper and Lemon are added to the blend — Juniper reduces fluid retention and removes toxins while Lemon uplifts the senses and promotes circulation. To complete the mix, Clary Sage complements the blend with its calming and soothing properties.

The result is an invigorating and refreshing shower gel that cleanses the skin and detoxifies the body. And best of all, it smells just like your favorite G&T!

Spa Esprit's Plantation Gin & Detox Shower Gel blend is available online at Beauty Emporium with a limited time offer of a complimentary 250ml bottle of Compendium’s Rojak Gin. So float your worries away as you soak in the soothing shower gel, refreshed with an all-time high.