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Explore the finest selection of body care products online at Beauty Emporium. Our range is meticulously curated to ensure you access only the best beauty products. From refreshing body and skin care products to luxurious natural body care products, we have everything to meet your personal care needs. Indulge in products that are as effective as they are delightful.

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Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub
A body scrub that lathers! Bamboo and pumice help shed dead skin, stimulate cell renewal, prevent ingrown hair and soothe without irritation, drying or stripping. The Peppermint is both cooling...
$66.00 SGD Sold Out
Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant Stick Deodorant - Best Seller Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant Stick
Malin+Goetz natural and effective (yes!) deodorant is both alcohol and aluminum-free. Formulated with refreshing eucalyptus extract and odour-neutralizing citronellyl, it is for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Your body...
$36.00 SGD
Two Lips Ice Skin Calming Rescue Cream Two Lips Ice Skin Calming Rescue Cream
A lightweight cream to calm the skin. Ice contains anti-inflammatory glycyrrhetinic acid and xylitylglucoside to relieve, protect and hydrate parched skin. Sulphate and paraben-free. Gynaecologically and Dermatologically tested. SIZE: 50ml...
$85.00 SGD
Best Seller
Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Brightening Serum Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Brightening Serum
Bring out that glow from within. This brightening serum is packed with Ascorbyl Glucoside, a water-soluble Vitamin C that's super gentle, even on sensitive skin. Made without sulphates and parabens....
$149.99 SGD
Two Lips Rinse Gentle Prebiotic Cleanser Two Lips Rinse Gentle Prebiotic Cleanser
Cleanse your skin's palate without stripping away its natural goodness. This pH-balancing cleanser is infused with plant-based prebiotics to balance the skin's microbiome, Frankincense Olibanum to relax the senses and...
$60.00 SGD
Malin + Goetz Rum Hand + Body Wash Hand Wash Malin+Goetz - Beauty Emporium Malin+Goetz Rum Hand + Body Wash
Malin+Goetz's gentle, everyday Rum hand and body foaming wash balances natural glycerin with amino acid technology to hydrate and purify skin. Scented with our best-selling Dark Rum fragrance. SIZE: 250ml...
$42.00 SGD
Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Hand and Body Wash Shower Gel Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Hand + Body Wash
When you want a shower kick, try this cleansing gel with pure Eucalyptus, known for its invigorating scent and bactericidal and antiviral properties. Soothing, hydrating and pH balanced for all...
$42.00 SGD
Bergamot Hand + Body Wash Malin+Goetz Bergamot Hand + Body Wash
For a refreshing shower or bath, Malin+Goetz foaming cleansing gel infused with Bergamot and amino acids and glycerin to hydrate and purify. pH balanced for all skin types. Rinses free...
$42.00 SGD
Two Lips Scrubbs Konjac Jelly Scrub Two Lips Scrubbs Konjac Jelly Scrub
A gentle scrub that'll give your skin more than just a little love, this superfood gel exfoliator contains biodegradable Konjac Jelly beads and finely ground Non-GMO Olive Stone Powder to...
$75.00 SGD
Two Lips Undercover Peptide Cream Two Lips Undercover Peptide Cream
Stay spotless and keep a clean slate. This highly concentrated cream features Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-36 to reduce pigmentation and even out your skin tone. Made without sulphates and parabens. Gynaecologically and...
$120.00 SGD
Two Lips Bumpps Sebum Control Serum Two Lips Bumpps Sebum Control Serum
This lightweight serum is formulated with a triple botanical blend of arrowroot extract, chamomile and tea tree leaf oil to help folliculitis, minimise blemishes and regulate sebum production. SIZE: 50ml...
$130.00 SGD
Two Lips Pout Hyaluronic Acid skin hydration Two Lips Pout Hyaluronic Acid skin hydration
Plump up your skin and restore hydration levels to the fullest. This rich serum contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for maximum absorption to reduce signs of ageing, increase skin...
$180.00 SGD

Natural products, uncompromised quality

At Beauty Emporium, we believe in the power of natural ingredients. Our best natural body care products are formulated to offer you the most effective and gentle care for you and the environment. These personal care products blend the purity of nature with the latest in skincare science, providing a unique experience that cares for your skin naturally and effectively.

Personalised care for every skin type

Every skin is unique, and so are our body care cosmetics products. Whether it’s hydration, exfoliation or simply daily care, our range of body care products caters to every skin type and need. Our handpicked selection of the best body care products from leading global brands lets you choose the perfect product that ensures your skin receives exactly what it needs to look, feel and be its best.

Explore, experience and enjoy next-level self-care with Beauty Emporium

Visit Beauty Emporium today to explore our extensive range of offers. From head to toe, we have it all — face care products, body scrubs, best body moisturisers and even specialised vulva care products from the most trusted brands. Plus, don't miss out on our beauty service and treatment packages. Shop body care products online with us and transform your daily routine into a luxurious self-pampering experience.


Why are body care products important?

Think of body care products as your skin's best friends. They keep your skin clean, hydrated and protected. Caring for your skin will protect it from harmful environmental damage and make you look and feel healthier.

How do I determine my skin type so I can choose the right body and skin care products?

After cleansing, see how it feels. If it's shiny and greasy, you might have oily skin. If it feels tight, your skin is likely dry. Combination skin will show both these traits in different areas, while normal skin feels balanced and even. Choose products that match these characteristics for the best care.

Can I use the same products on my body and face?

Your face and body have different needs. Specially formulated skin care products, like moisturisers and scrubs, are best used only for the body. If you’re looking for dual use beauty products, Two Lips offer a wide range of skincare treatment products, serums and body lotion suitable for both body and face.

How should I store my body and skin care products?

Keep them tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry airy spot away from sunlight to ensure they’re fresh and remain effective for longer. Heat and humidity can also damage your products. And while some may suggest storing skincare products in your fridge has a dual effect of making them feel cool during application and last longer, not all skin care products will benefit from being refrigerated, especially clay, oil based products or heavy cream moisturisers.

What is the recommended order of application for body care products?

Start with a clean slate (cleanser), then exfoliate if it's part of your routine that day. Next, apply any special treatments or serums and finish off with a moisturiser. In the daytime, don't skip on SPF products for sun protection.

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