Beauty Emporium Product Reviews

Beauty Emporium Product Reviews

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Nice refreshing scent, leaving skin fresh. A must in the bag.

Konjac jelly scrub

Gentle scrub leaving the skin soft and smooth. Worth buying

Babor Advent Calendar 2023 Ampoule Set (Limited Edition)

Smells divine and energising

The smell energised me

Great therapist but unpleasant experience

I am a long time customer of Strip, visited several stores over the years depending where my preferred therapist is. By far, the store at Paragon was an unpleasant one as the receptionists/front counter staff were chatting and laughing among themselves so loudly throughout my session even though my room was further in the hall. One of them even scolded another colleague of hers on the phone so loud that I could hear every word she said. It was very unprofessional and displaying bad image of the brand and management. More training is required for these staff. And I certainly would not visit Paragon store again.

Thank you for you feedback. We have passed your comments to the Strip customer service team and they will address this issue up with management. Customer experience is not just about the quality of our treatments, but the overall atmosphere during the treatment, so we do appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us so that we may improve all aspects of our service to customers.

trusted brand

have been looking for a new lip balm, and chanced upon this from Malin and Goetz which i have heard great things of. liking the compact size. texture is just nice for my lips in a/c environments.

value product for size

decided to purchase the full sized item after trying sample sachets i receieved from the brand. found the scent interesting for a cleanser, it is unique and grows on me. i like the large size given how fast i blaze thru my cleansers.

Repurchase and it's so easy

a repurchase, given how much i love this item! love everything about this and am seeing myself using it for the long term

Great scent!

Bought this for my hubby and I, and both of us love how refreshing the scent is!

Gentle & Effective

Been using this for about 2 yrs now, super gentle & effective, highly recommended!

This product never failed

I have been coming back to buy this rinse cos it’s just too good.

My go-tool!

I have been using this tool for years now - i like the 3-in-1 function; pencil glides pretty smoothly and brush is soft. Colours are very workable with skin too. Highly recommend!

Great Scent!

Spa experience at home with the wonderful scent!

The only (most versatile) wipes you'll ever need

These are an essential in my bi-monthly grocery/toiletries shopping list. They are the BEST and only wipes for face, body and privates. I have sensitive, ezcema prone skin and i have tried many feminine wipes over the years. These are PERFECT. They really remove odor, perspiration, all the ooey gooey stuff in your nether region and even refreshes it with an amazing scent! LOVE. I have been using these for over a year now and I really enjoy these wipes. I carry 2-3 packs in my bag all the time. Great for on-the-go wipes for literally your entire body. It really is suitable for super sensitive skin. I use it on my face too!!! My boyfriend uses it for his face and body too!!! ♥️♥️♥️ OBSESSED✨ thank you so much for making the perfect wipes!!

Smells great!

Smells great and wonderful shower experience!


i have tried almost every brand of feminine wipes/wash. they were either too soapy, had a weird scent and all of them were too harsh on my skin. i have very sensitive skin which is prone to infections/itch if unsuitable products are used. TWOLIPS have changed the whole feminine hygiene game for me. i bring along several packets to work daily, i bring it everywhere! i even use it for wiping my body! it smells SO GOOD and really refreshes and cleans the skin so well. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE!!! ♥️😘

Amazing product

My bikini used to be riddled with bumps, causing me constant discomfort whenever I touched it. Despite my attempts at exfoliation, the results were far from satisfying. That is, until I discovered a miraculous product specifically designed to combat these bumps. Initially skeptical, I decided to give it a try by diligently applying it every day for a week. To my astonishment and delight, my bikini became as smooth as an eggplant skin! I was utterly shocked and couldn't stop laughing at this unexpected miracle. Even after a month, my skin remains incredibly smooth. It's truly remarkable! Love it!!

No cast nor streaks!

I wanted to share my recent discovery of an amazing sunscreen that has been working wonders for my deeper complexion. The best part about it is that it doesn't leave any white cast and is super lightweight, making it effortless to apply. You'll love it even more if you're like me and prefer fragrance-free products. What I found really cool about this sunscreen is that it has prebiotics infused in it, which is a lovely touch that makes me feel pampered. Unlike some other sunscreens I've tried, this one doesn't clog my pores or leave any weird streaks. Plus, it's perfect to wear under makeup. I highly recommend you give it a go, you won't regret it!

Money well spend!

Wow, I'm beyond impressed with this product! It's seriously like magic for my skin. It feels so nourishing and makes my skin super soft and smooth. Even when my skin is irritated, it somehow manages to heal it without leaving any scars. Plus, it even worked wonders on my dry, post-swim feet! The best part is how lightweight and deeply hydrating it is - it just sinks right in and leaves a subtle glow. I used to struggle with dry, cracked skin in the mornings, but not any more thanks to this product. I'm seriously so grateful to have found it!

BLACKOUT 2.0! No more messy leaks!

I tried the first version of this mask out of curiosity after my visit to STRIP! It’s a pretty cool self-care experience, but I wasn’t too impressed with the mess it left behind. HOWEVER, this improved version is so much neater! It's like a little treat for your vulva!

What I love most is that it's made with natural stuff – none of those weird chemicals or perfumes. In short, this vulva mask is a must-try. Treat yo self! 😝

Skin Savior!

This was a worthy purchase. I was worried that the cream might be too heavy for my skin but Rich is lightweight AND hydrating. Mostly importantly, it’s fragrance-free, which is really important for my sensitive skin! Highly recommend!

Relaxing scent

Really nice relaxing scent!

Rich, Soothing, Hydrating

Rich definitely lives up to its name. This is my second time going through another bottle and it is a skin saver for me - especially so as I have sensitive and dry skin due to long-term intake of meds.

It soothes those red bumps and actually leaves a glow to the skin which is amazing!

Although pricey it does last for at least 3 months as you don't need to slap on too much of it to see results. I use it before bedtime and for those red bumps just dab a little more and massage it in everytime :)

A must-have .

Extend lash brow serum

Is very good my lash become longer and longer,now I no need to use many people ask me.about the serum,today my colleague buy the serum 5 of them.highly recommend.thank you.

Best Mask ever

I recently purchased the mask that promised to give me immediate results. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after using it for a few days, I was blown away by the results.

Not only was the mask easy and enjoyable to use, but it also delivered on its promise of giving me immediate results. My skin looked and felt smoother, healthier and more radiant than ever before. It really improves skin quality overall after 5 days mask.

I couldn't wait to share my feedback with others who might be looking for a reliable and effective mask. I highly recommend giving this product a try if you want to see quick and noticeable improvements in your skin after hair removal services. It's truly a game-changer!