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Spa Esprit House Proud Massage
Spa Esprit
Enjoy all the benefits of a classic oil massage, with a firm acupressure touch to open up better circulation. Gently ease into the massage with classic Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian...
$100.00 SGD
$195.00 SGD
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Spa Esprit Massage
Spa Esprit
Enter an even deeper state of relaxation with a combination of hot stones and warm pressure. Feel the tension and stress leave your body as you experience a relaxing long-stroke...
$120.00 SGD
$220.00 SGD
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Spa Esprit Ultra Replenishing Facial 75 Mins (Single Session)
Spa Esprit
Lift your skin to look instantly younger. Our ultrasonic facial gives your skin’s natural collagen production a boost, replenishing your skin’s youthfulness in just one session. An ageless treatment to...
$100.00 SGD
$180.00 SGD
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Mask Avenger
Spa Esprit
Combat maskne and breakouts with this clarifying treatment. Our electric Skin Scrubber machine scrubs away impurities, bacteria and oil build-up from frequent mask-wearing. Electroporation technology delivers healing ingredients deep into...
$190.00 SGD
$390.00 SGD