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Spa Esprit, has been a favourite Singaporean homegrown apothecary spa since 1996. Essential oils - and concocting customised blends - are something that Spa Esprit has specialised in as a purveyor of top-to-toe healing. Long known for their rejuvenating and stimulating properties to improve mind, body and soul, essential oils are at the heart of Spa Esprit’s famous custom-blend Plantation Shower Gels.

Spa Esprit
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Spa Esprit Reiki Energy Healing Massage
Spa Esprit
Relax, rebalance and rejuvenate with the power of Reiki. Lie back (fully clothed) and close your eyes as our Reiki master hovers his palms over your body to channel universal...
$160.00 SGD
Free Triple Algae Rhythm Facial Offer
Spa Esprit Cheeky Chair Detox Massage
Spa Esprit
Experience head-to-toe renewal with a purifying detox for your body and skin. An essential oil blend of Cardamom, Clove and Cinnamon is first folded into your body with a gentle...
$290.01 SGD
20% Off
Single Session
Spa Esprit Mud Stone MSaage
Spa Esprit
A warming mud wrap and massage duo that eliminates toxins while you relax. Warm Hungarian Mud moisturiser is slathered onto your skin with a soothing long-stroke stone massage, followed by...
From $141.24 SGD - $2,080.00 SGD
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20% Off
Single Session
Spa Esprit Fast Drawback Back Massage
Spa Esprit
The closest you’ll come to instant rejuvenation! Enjoy all the benefits of a classic back massage, in half the time taken. Melt away stress and tension with our signature combination...
From $72.01 SGD - $720.00 SGD
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20% Off
Single Session
Spa Esprit House Proud Massage 90 mins (Single Session) Spa Esprit House Proud Massage 90 mins (Single Session)
Spa Esprit
Enjoy all the benefits of a classic oil massage, with a firm acupressure touch to open up better circulation. Gently ease into the massage with classic Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian...
From $116.00 SGD - $1,680.00 SGD
Save With A Package Deal
Spa Esprit
Map out your energy field with a Spa Esprit energy reading. Our machine uses biofeedback to map out your energy field, identifying any weak areas that may manifest as pain...
$50.01 SGD
Spa Esprit
Firm, sculpt and tone your skin with Botox-like peptides. Our cocktail of medical-grade serums and peptides is able to penetrate deeper to plump up your skin from within, resulting in...
$330.00 SGD

Spa Esprit Singapore | Buy Massage Treatments and Facial Treatments

If you’re searching for serenity or looking for the perfect gift, check out the range of Spa Esprit beauty services, which includes facials, messages and more, all offered at our conveniently located Spa Esprit Singapore stores.


What types of massages are offered at Spa Esprit?

Whether you’re looking for a classic oil massage, a facial massage to revitalise and refresh your skin complexion or a massage using Swedish techniques and Indonesian strokes or even hot stones, we offer a wide range of Spa Esprit massages to cater to all needs.

Discover the unique benefits of gua sha facials, our Spa Esprit Super Vibrator massages, Crystal Tonic facials, Hot Stone massages, House Proud firm acupressure massages, Triple-algae-rithim facials and more. Choose from a wide array of Spa Esprit treatments to find one that suits you and your particular needs and preferences.

What are the benefits of choosing Spa Esprit for a massage experience?

At Spa Esprit, we don’t just offer exceptional massages by our talented professional technicians. We also provide a welcoming, relaxing and tranquil atmosphere to help you de-stress, find your Zen and recharge your internal batteries for clarity and revitalisation.

Our Spa Esprit treatments are designed to promote healing, serenity and good vibes, harnessing the power of our exclusive Beauty Emporium aromatherapy products.

Where is Spa Esprit located in Singapore?

If you’re looking for “massages near me”, you’ll be happy to know that Spa Esprit Singapore has three convenient locations: Wheelock Place, Raffles City and Great World City. Just give us a call to book your self-care appointment.

How can I book a treatment or package at Spa Esprit?

To book your personalised Spa Esprit package or treatment, simply choose from our range of Spa Esprit massage and facial treatments to purchase and proceed to checkout. You can then use your treatment at any Spa Esprit location but simply make an appointment via phone or book online. To make a phone booking call a Spa Esprit outlet near you:

  • Wheelock Place — 6479 0070
  • Great World City — 6468 1292
  • Raffles City Shopping Center — 6333 9530

For online bookings, visit our appointments page.

Are Spa Esprit packages customisable to individual preferences?

We know that the relaxing power of a Spa Esprit package comes from being able to tailor your experience to your individual needs and preferences. Along with a suite of beauty treatments and massage packages, we also offer an atmosphere of absolute relaxation and calm, thanks to our expert practitioners and use of restful Plantation Essential Oils in many of our treatments. We have nine unique essential oil blends created by Spa Esprit, designed to do everything from cleansing away negativity and detoxifying to soothing your mind, body and soul. Feel free to talk to us about customising your Spa Esprit experience just the way you like it!

How do I find out about the latest Spa Esprit deals and offers?

To stay up to date with the latest Spa Esprit facials, massages and other package deals, check out our beauty service and treatment menu today! Customers can buy massage treatments or buy facial treatments for Spa Esprit conveniently online right here at Beauty Emporium.

Which Spa Esprit massages come highly recommended?

With so many Spa Esprit massages to choose from, there’s a rejuvenating experience to suit anyone. We especially recommend our signature Classic Scentsational massage, which combines traditional Hawaiian, Indonesian and Swedish massage techniques enhanced by our bespoke aromatherapy blends for extra Zen. Searching for a detoxifying experience? Look no further than our Gua Sha facial, designed to leave you with a beautiful glow.

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