Choosing the best eye creams | Beauty Emporium

When it comes to eyes, fine lines and wrinkles are the biggest concern for many women followed closely by lack of under-eye firmness, dark circles, and eye bags. Eye creams differ from face creams because they’re formulated specifically for your delicate eye area. They should all address anti-aging and skin hydration with formulations to boost skin's moisture and reduce fine lines and minimise eye area wrinkles. Some eye creams will also combat common eye conditions like puffy eyes, or contain brightening ingredients to tackle dark circles.

Prevention is key, so look after your eye area now with a regular eye care routine and stress about the signs of aging less later. And if you're not already doing this on a daily basis, one of the best ways to protect your eye area is by applying an SPF sunscreen — it’ll make a world of difference to the way your skin ages.

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