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VitaJuwel is the modern interpretation of age-old traditions. Many cultures have been vitalising their water with gemstones for thousands of years. VitaJuwel have rediscovered this knowledge with a contemporary, sophisticated approach. Their mission: Natural elegance combined with holistic functionality.


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ViA Luna Gem Water Bottle Gem Water Bottle VitaJuwel - Beauty Emporium ViA Luna Gem Water Bottle Gem Water Bottle VitaJuwel - Beauty Emporium

ViA Luna Gem Water Bottle

Aptly named after the moon, Luna engages the pattern-making power of moonstone to stimulate the pineal gland (hello melatonin!) and balance hormonal cycles. Moonstone is also a stone of inner...
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Transform your everyday water | Beauty Emporium

What in the world is gem water? Simply put, it's any water enlivened and restructured by the natural vibration of gemstones. Now you can create your own gem-water on-the-go with our collection of VitaJuwel Gem-Water Bottles.

How it works?

Just add water!
Each product incorporates a sealed glass gempod or vial filled with a unique gemstone blend, providing a modern, hygienic way to transform everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water into gem-water in just 7 minutes. The unique gem blends are designed to transform your water and support your mind, body & spirit.

Tradition and science.
Gemstones are products of nature. Every gem carries a one-of-a-kind vibration and therefore affects the water in a unique way. That is why all tests on the effect of gems—and blends of gems—on water will lead to varying results. Infusing water with the power of gems is an age-old tradition informed by many cultures around the world. As is the case with many naturopathic practices, the benefits are hard to quantify through conventional scientific means.

At Beauty Emporium, we believe VitaJuwel can play an integral part of any well-being regime, and may do so on different levels: physiologically, mentally, energetically, spiritually. We do not recommend that anyone solely use VitaJuwel products for medical treatment. Please always consult your physician or naturopath to treat serious illness.

Gems. Beautiful. Powerful. Magical.
Gemstones actually possess powerful physical properties. Many spiritually-minded gemstone lovers know that crystal energy has been harnessed in sacred and naturopathic practices across various cultures including ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. In practical terms, however, one need only consider the harnessing of quartz crystal to sustain the ultra precise frequency needed for digital clocks and watches. That crystal lattice is shared by all gemstones, giving them just enough vibration on a nano-level, if you will, to essentially wake up water and remind it that it once flowed from mountain peaks through a myriad of mineral materials to become crisp, clean, and vibrant spring water.

Gem Water. Good for you. Good for the planet.
22 billion plastic bottles are bought and discarded in 1 year with only 30% recycled in the USA. Imagine never having to buy spring water by the bottle again. Now you can with VitaJuwel. Do good for your body, and the world.

VitaJuwel provides information about gem water and gem mixtures in their products. We cannot guarantee results with any gem/crystal. This field is speculative and exploratory. Individuals are encouraged to use discrimination in diagnosing and treating any condition - be it medical, emotional or spiritual. You should never substitute gems/crystals for professional medical treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (USA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Water visually magnifies what is inside it, and gemstones are natural materials, so the overall appearance of your product will vary compared to photos.

Source/References: VitaJuwel/Gem-Water/Container Recycling Institute.
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