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Single services are valid for use 12 months from date of purchase. Packages are valid for use 2 years from date of purchase. Package sales end 30 June. Customers may redeem only 1 of each service or package type. Please refer to individual product descriptions for additional service/package terms & conditions.
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Spa Esprit Massage Spa Esprit
Spa Esprit
An indulgent, classic oil massage to bring about complete and utter relaxation of both your body and mind. Take your pick of our range of 9 essential oil blends and...
$75.00 SGD
$145.00 SGD
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55% OFF
Spa Esprit Crystal Tonic Facial
Spa Esprit
Your secret to crystal-clear glass skin. Spa Esprit's painless diamond peel microdermabrasion procedure removes impurities and regenerates your skin, giving it bright clarity like never before. See your skin become...
$90.00 SGD
$198.00 SGD